Situated in Melbourne, Australia, Overdrive Touring was co-founded by Bailey Graham & Lewis Allan at Octane Entertainment. The successful entrepreneurs of online metal webzine, Overdrive Music Magazine, found themselves on the doorstep of heavy metal royalty after launching themselves into a career path which saw them save a tour from a company on the cusp of failure.

At the age of 21, Bailey would go on to be one of the youngest national tour organisers and entrepreneurs in the Australian music industry , under his company Octane Entertainment, which began in May of 2017 and now promises of several heavy music online media, booking, management, touring and PR businesses, as well as his own charity, 'Metalheads Against Poverty'. On February 2018, just shy of his 22nd birthday, he invited fellow industry associate and long-time friend, Lewis Allan, to join the company and set sights on putting the first of many international artist tours of Australia.

This caught the attention of some key international figures and gained them much appraise throughout the metal community. Moving forward they have managed to lock in some incredible tours with the future looking very bright. Included is Overdrive's newest recruit - Sydney sider - Brian "Buzz" Burnsen. Buzz worked with Graham & Allan as an external consultant before eventually signing onto Overdrive Touring as a full-time tour manager, logistics co-ordinater and web host. He comes with much dedication, experience and love, having brought some  amazing bands to the forefront of Overdrive Touring allowing the company to expand it's horizons.



Head Of Touring



Financial Officer



Tour Manager / Logistics / Web Host